Shielding – information for patients

We have understandably received a lot of queries from patients about the Chief Medical Officer’s advice that people with certain conditions or on certain treatment should take extra precautions and “shield” themselves for 12 weeks.

We fully appreciate that this has been a somewhat confusing process.

NHS England have now finished their search to identify people who are classified as Extremely Vulnerable according to the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance, and added a High Risk flag to their records so we know who should have a letter.

If there is no High Risk flag attached to your records, then you do not have a medical condition or take medicines which meet the criteria set by the Chief Medical Officer. This process was completed centrally by NHS England. The Practice has checked these records for accuracy.

For more information about the Shielding groups visit

If you believe you should fall into one of these groups you can self-identify on the Government website and they will review your case and provide us with a list.

We will receive a list of people who have self-identified later this month and contact them if necessary.

We hope you find this information useful.